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August 21, 2014

Accept credit card payments on the go

Mobile point of sales systems are revolutionizing the way small businesses are now able to handle sales. This is especially true for on- the- go businesses that need a payment solution to be as mobile as their business. With First Data Mobile Pay solutions, offered by Merchant Bancard Network, you can now turn your mobile device into a point of sale credit card reader. You can offer your customers fast, flexible, and safe credit card payment processing anywhere and anytime by using your existing smartphone or tablet.

The benefits of First Data Mobile Pay are many. By turning your mobile phone or tablet into a payment terminal, you are maximizing your investment while at the same time reducing processing costs with the First Data Mobile Pay App and the encrypting card reader. By allowing you to physically swipe cards, you can avoid the higher card-not-present processing rates that are associated with hand-keyed transactions.

With a First Data Mobile Pay App, no additional equipment or software is required which is another money-saving benefit. First Data Mobile Pay supports all major credit cards so you are able to offer your customers more flexible and secure payment options. But, most importantly, no more missed sales because now you can accept payments in real time from anywhere that you are conducting business. It’s a win-win situation for both your customers and you.

Will our system work with your device?

First Data Mobile Pay is compatible with the iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android. You can also offer your customers secure credit card processing for on- the- go business transactions using your iPad. The first step is to download the First Data Mobile App to your mobile device. Plug the encrypted card reader into your device using the cable provided, and you are now ready to slide your customers’ credit cards to capture a sale. It’s as easy as 1-2-3, and the easy-to-use interface requires minimal training on your part so you can your have mobile POS up and running in no time!

You are now ready to accept credit card payments wherever you have wireless coverage with your current data plan provider. E-receipts are delivered to your customers’ e-mail at the time of the transaction and you get the benefit of fast funding that comes with this type of instant authorization.

Don’t miss another payment

In the card processing industry for over 20 years, Merchant Bancard Network specializes in providing flexible payment options that are designed to meet the specific needs of your business. By integrating your POS system with your iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry, you will increase the sales volume and profit margin of your business. Maintaining the highest level of payment security is the number one priority for Merchant Bancard Network, and as such their POS payment solutions adhere to the PCI security standards established by the major credit card brands.

Call MBN today at 877-871-4629 and let their expert support team help design a POS solution that is right for your business.