MBN’s Revolutionary Cash Discount Program

Save thousands on your credit card processing fees

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Reduce Credit Card Fees and Begin Saving Money​

Are you tired of paying hefty interchange fees? Are you looking for a way to still accept credit cards, but not having to deal with the monthly bills? MBN’s cash discount program is the solution for you. Watch our Merchant video and learn all about how this cash discount program can work for your business.

Merchants Bancard Network Merchants Bancard Network


Try our Cash Discount Program with your customers….

Merchants Bancard NetworkMerchants Bancard Network

Fast setup

Hassle free payment processing is just a call away. MBN’s plug and play equipment allows for a fast and easy setup.

Merchants Bancard Network Merchants Bancard Network

Legally Vetted

MBN’s cash discount program is 100% legal and allows you to finally benefit from the same laws others have been taking advantage of for years.

Merchants Bancard Network Merchants Bancard Network

Save Thousands

By adding a smile line item to your customers bill you save your business thousands in yearly processing fees.

How it works

At checkout your terminal will automatically add a small service fee onto your customers bill. If your customers pays with cash, check or gift card this fee is then deducted from their receipt. Any fees that are collected are autometically applied to your credit card bill saving you thousands of dollars every month. Test our calculator out below to look at your saving.

Calculate Your Savings

  • Current Monthly Activity

  • Enter Amount

  • Monthly Processing Volume($)
  • Avg Ticket
  • Monthly Transaction Count
  • Current Monthly Processing Fees
  • Merchants Fees

  • Total Monthly Savings:
  • Total Annual Savings:
  • Per Transaction Fee to Customer:

What you get from us

Cash Discount Notification Signs

Discounted Pointed of Sale System or Free Terminal

Next Day Deposits

24/7 Customer Support

A+ Rating with BBB

Join the Merchant Bancard Network family and get all of the solutions you need. And none you don’t