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July 15, 2019


We thrive to bring you the best and most helpful information and we wanted to take a minute to go over the Clover System and why we think it would be a good addition for your Business. A big reason why we choose to feature this system is because of everything it can do to make your Business run smoother. We think its important to work smarter not harder especially when it comes to systems.

Reasons why the Clover System would be a good fit for your Business:

● Fully Featured

● You can have access anywhere

● It can be customized

A Clover system can do more than process payments

● It can be customized based on your preferences and needs as a Business

● Makes it easier for your customers payments to be processed

● You can manage your orders

● Helps with customer engagement and growth

● You can oversee your team

● Extra features that can benefit your brand and client satisfaction

Types of Clover Systems

Clover Flex

Allows you to take payments quickly and efficiently, and also allows you to add on advanced features to help run your business.

Clover Mini

All in one miniature POS system needed to help your business run efficiently.

Clover Go

On the go payments? Don’t worry the Clover Go is going to help you continue getting payments even on the go!

Clover Station

Looking for a system that has all angles of your business covered? Look no further the full system is making your business thrive in the easiest and most efficient way possible.

Find out which system is right for you here: https://www.clover.com/shop/clover-mini?pdpPref=wifi

A clover system would be a great option if you want to do more with you system than just payments. It allows you the flexibility to customize and really dive into customer engagement.

It has extra features that allow your to do more such as connecting to your MailChimp email list, or directly to your quickbooks account! We want to hear from you what has been your experience with the Clover System?