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February 8, 2021

What Companies Work with MBN?

Different businesses have different needs, but there’s one thing all businesses require: the
ability to accept their customers’ preferred payment methods. From cash to EMV cards to
mobile payments and more, there are a variety of ways that customers want to be able to
pay for goods and services. Luckily, Merchants Bancard Network can help. We work with
a variety of businesses, including online and brick-and-mortar retailers, to help set them
up for success in the area of payment processing. We can help your company, too.

Who we work with:

Merchants Bancard Network works with retail merchants, helping them find the right
payment processing solutions based on their unique needs. We provide solutions to
merchants in virtually every industry across the country. Whether you’re an online
retailer, have a physical store, or have a mobile business, we can help make sure you’re
able to accept payments from customers, wherever you are and however your customers
want to pay.

How we can help brick-and-mortar businesses:

We offer a wide range of payment solutions for businesses whose customers expect to
pay for products and services while physically in their store. Whether your business is a
salon, café, clothing store, sporting goods store, or something else, we can make it easier
for you to conveniently and securely accept payments.

Our wide range of payment processing machines includes retail, wireless, mobile and
point of sale options. If your customers line up to pay at a cash wrap, our POS systems
are great options. They include a collection of features to help you accept a variety of
payment types as well as gain deeper insight into your business and customers with
helpful reports and apps.

Our retail credit card machines are also great options that take up less space. They
support a variety of payment options and include security features and speedy processing
for a great customer experience.

How we can help mobile businesses:

When your business is mobile, you need on-the-go payment processing solutions. Our
wireless credit card processing machines let you accept payments from customers
wherever you are. These handheld devices are small, lightweight, portable, and perfect
for on-the-spot transactions. We also offer mobile credit card machines that attach to your
smartphone for another convenient option.
These are all great options for food trucks, delivery businesses, stadium vendors, and
more. They’re also a helpful solution for restaurants or other brick-and-mortar retailers
who want to be able to meet the customers where they are to accept their payment, rather
than requiring customers to line up at a cash wrap.

How we can help online retailers:

Whether your business has a physical store and online shopping capabilities or is solely
online, we can help you securely and conveniently accept payments from customers.
With our ecommerce solutions, you can accept online payments, manage inventory, view
reports and more.

Contact us today:

Merchants Bancard Network offers a wide range of credit card machines as well as
helpful services, like small business loans, assessments for high-risk merchants, gift cards
and loyalty cards, and much more. Curious if MBN is the right choice for your business?
Contact us to learn more.