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July 17, 2015

Even your small business is a hackers target

Unfortunately in today’s climate of rampant computer fraud, it’s not only major financial institutions or retailers that find themselves to be hacking targets. Small businesses are also vulnerable to having their customer payment data stolen. It may seem as though as soon as a system is updated with new security features, the thieves develop a hacking program to break into it. What can you do as a small business owner to protect yourself from this happening to you?

Merchant Bancard Network has been offering top quality credit card processing services for decades. Part of what our merchants receive with their subscription services is the guarantee that not only will their customer’s information be safe with us, but we help them to ensure it’s safe at the point of sale level as well. MBN is working constantly to stay ahead of the would-be hackers, and have extremely sophisticated methods by which to make sure sensitive data is safely encrypted.

In recent years, tokenization has come to the forefront of the field of data security. Encrypting data, assigning new values based on a standard encryption key, can leave your customer’s information vulnerable if the key were to fall into the wrong hands. Tokenization uses random numbers to create a taken for each piece of data before it is transmitted over the internet. Even if a hacker were to get his hands on the tokenized data, there is no way to use the random numbers to recreate the credit card information.

Are you prepared to tell your customers…

Most consumers are very concerned about the security of their payment data, because scandals continue to be highly publicized by the media. It’s hard not to wonder if you’re next when hackers have proven that they can get into almost any program, including the federal government! As a business owner, you know that your company reputation rides on your ability to secure your customer’s payment data.

Speak with your MBN account specialist about how you can put the best site security into place. We offer the latest in data protection software and hardware, so that you too can stay ahead of the hackers.

Staying a few steps ahead

Along with providing our merchants with secure merchant account services, we help them to keep their point of sale equipment and technology at the highest level of data protection. For example, we can set you up with EMV technology, one of the best new ways to cut down on credit card fraud. EMV credit cards, known as chip and pin cards, have a computer chip embedded in them where the sensitive data is stored and can not be duplicated if stolen.

Call or click the MBN website today to learn more about how you can prevent hacking using the best practices of data security.