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We’re dedicated to giving you personalized merchant card service solutions that help you put your customers first.


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Become an Affiliate with MBN – Credit Card Payment Processing

Do you know someone who owns a business? Do you have referrals that require credit card payment processing solutions? Make use of our affiliate program to gain more value from the payment processing industry.

Our affiliate program is simple and transparent, and you can make money by referring merchants who are interested in payment processing solutions.

Face to Face Payments

Are You a Qualified Lead?

Check out our rules and conditions to become a qualified lead for our affiliate program.

You must have a current business that focuses on credit card processing

You have a bunch of merchants who need to change credit card processors

You must have an active merchant account

Why Become an Affiliate with Us?

Our Affiliate Partner Benefits

Our affiliate partners get sizeable residuals up to 100%, on top of your bonus.

Increases rewards

High risk solutions and residual

Dedicated customer support

Simple application and easy activation

Transparent pricing

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Face to Face Payments

Our Guarantee

Process in-person transactions and save money on credit card merchant fees with DuoPricing

MBN makes accepting in-store payments simple and affordable for your restaurant, retail store, or service-based business. 

We also save you thousands of dollars annually by eliminating up to 100% of your merchant account costs with DuoPricing.

Our Support and Resources

Do you want to make money and maintain your customers longer? We’ve got the necessary support and tools to help you make the money you deserve!


In-Store Payments

Online Portal – A Portable Office

Get instant access to applications, statements, comments, account information, e-mail, and more.


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Mobile Payments

Statement Review

Our team will break down the numbers to make it easier for our partners to understand the numbers.


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Online Payments

Quick Response through Real Person

We answer your calls through real persons, and no endless menus or mechanized voices.


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Cash Discount Program

Stay in the Know

Up-to-date information on payment history for your payment processing industry.


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High Risk Payments

Everything Under One Roof

From underwriting to technical support, we offer everything under one roof.

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Enterprise Solutions


We deliver a complete solution that provides transparency in transaction data, and you don’t have to deal with multiple providers.


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What we offer

At MBN, we go a step beyond other payment processing companies by providing the most in-depth payment processing solutions in the industry. We’ve been offering credit card and other payment processing services for over 30 years and have worked with the leading brands to meet the needs of our customers.


The MBN Guarantee

MBN Guarantee
Processing Statement

With our affiliate marketing program, we greatly reduce our advertising costs and share those savings with our affiliate partners. When you sign up as an affiliate with us, there is absolutely no cost and no obligation.


We guarantee you to generate a substantial income while delivering more value to your audience. Affiliate marketing for payment processing is considered to be an attractive, low-cost method to generate more sales and the commissions are paid only after a sale is made.


The merchant services for our affiliate marketing includes credit card payment processing, debit card payment processing, high risk payments, and other alternative payment methods.

Why Choose Us?

Merchants Bancard NetworkMerchants Bancard Network

Experience and Expertise

We’ve over 30 years of experience in the industry and are committed to provide our clients with customized solutions that meet their needs.

Merchants Bancard NetworkMerchants Bancard Network

Honest Pricing

We provide honest pricing and there are no hidden charges. We’ll never sell you anything that you never want.

Merchants Bancard NetworkMerchants Bancard Network

24/7 Customer Support

Dedicated 24/7 customer service to guide you throughout the process.

Merchants Bancard NetworkMerchants Bancard Network

Secure and Safe Transactions

Secure transactions protected by industry-leading, end-to-end encryption technology to keep you and your customers protected from fraud.

Merchants Bancard NetworkMerchants Bancard Network

Advanced Technology

East to integrate technology that adapts to any business, store, industry, or shopping journey.


Merchants Bancard NetworkMerchants Bancard Network

Easy Credit Card Processing

Easy credit card processing online.